4 Ways Website Owners Win With The Genesis Framework

Thank you WayBack Machine for this blast from the past!

Thank you WayBack Machine for this blast from the past!

Building a life, business, product or whatever it may be that is not just good, but great and lasting, begins with a solid framework in place.

I’m going to share something with you today that if you don’t know me very well you probably won’t know.

  • No, I was not a member of the Seal Team that captured & killed Osama Bin Laden.
  • No, I never threw a game winning touchdown to win a Super Bowl.
  • And no, I was not at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Ask my kids and they might try and pull your leg with that one. Do they love picking on their old man – HA!

So we digress….

As a much younger man I worked as a program director for an outdoor adventure organization much like what you may find in an Outward Bound or NOLS.

Man, was it the life to have a job that allowed me to do what I loved and to boot to call my office the outdoors. As a young twenty-something, what could’ve been better than that?

In my role I wore a number of different hats, the primary one of which was being a trip leader and training others to do so. Whether it was a rock climbing, backpacking, rappelling, caving or a mountain biking trip, it was my job to help facilitate a safe, positive and life-changing experience for the individual and the group.

From my early days with this organization their was a mindset instilled in me in that we would measure success not by how many dollars were in the bank but rather by the lives that were changed. Our culture, who we were, policies, procedures, methodologies and the like were all a part of a framework that positioned us and set us on the path to where each of us knew how to define success and what it looked like. That framework that was built long before my hiring was what enabled this organization to serve thousands upon thousands of groups all over the US for over 25 years.

And so the same holds relatively true for you the small business owner. I’m betting you’ve already done similar work or are in the process of making that happen. A huge part of that mix for you is thinking about what tools are going to best serve you as you journey towards becoming a smarter and more effective marketer. We as small business folks want to see our efforts pay dividends both in the short term and of course over the long haul and utilizing a world class platform like the Genesis Framework by StudioPress will greatly assist in that.

Your Best Marketing Tool Deserves A Good Great Framework As Well

With WordPress operating as your website’s foundation, the Genesis Framework by StudioPress is fully capable to work atop WordPress and will serve as a robust and user-friendly platform in which to help drive your business’ best marketing tool, your website.

Like most any real watershed moment in your life, you can probably quickly recall the time, date and place of where you were when there was that occurrence. Not me. I’m horrible with remembering those kinds of things and so it is in my attempting to recall the when’s and where’s I first came in contact with the Genesis Framework. All I can say is that it was a near Damascus Road like experience or close to it.

Let me see if I can do some ‘splainin’ here to help you better understand…

If you read my post from last week you might remember my referencing WordPress being likened to an engine – the stuff under the hood of your website that gives it some oomph!

This week, I want to take that a bit further and talk about how Genesis helps lay the foundation for all of the web design/development I currently do for clients of mine and how they in turn benefit – it’s a win/win kind of deal. The engine is great and all but don’t many of us just relish what we can see?? I know I do.

Think of Genesis as the ‘frame and body‘ and the themes that StudioPress designs/develops for it as the ‘paint job‘.

Check out this video that will help explain how this Rolls Royce of a content publishing platform is put together.



The Genesis Framework: A New Beginning

And so now I’m slightly older and have transitioned from an office outdoors to one indoors that seems to be a bit more comfy. Somehow, some way I found a path that led me to do what I’m doing today, building websites for people and helping them grow their visibility online.

Since my departure from an offline oriented job to that of an online one I have designed and developed websites for a variety of clients. Inevitably the process seemed to always start with blank screen.

Design-wise it started with a blank canvas document in Photoshop and from there it began to take on form.

Developmentally it started in an application where, by hand, I took that design and through code made it come to life on the web.

The process in many respects was both time intensive for me which very often meant greater expense for my clients.

That whole process of doing things or at least most of it radically changed a couple of years ago as I began to fully adopt the Genesis Framework and its’ StudioPress themes into my service offering. Below is a graphic that lays out real well 8 reasons why I’m sold on it and am thrilled to pass on the benefits to my clients as well.


Image courtesy of StudioPress

Image courtesy of StudioPress – http://studiopress.com


4 ways website owners win with the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Save time with the Genesis Framework1) Time – With the use of a StudioPress child theme one can quickly peruse their catalog of themes (designs) in order to pick out the one that best matches what they envision for their own site or better yet gain new and creative ideas. The ability to get up and running pretty quickly is potentially sped up ten fold. The idea, for some small business owners, of waiting multiple months for their website to be fully functioning is not one they’d prefer to entertain.  Note: During the past year the development team at StudioPress has been about the business of making it’s themes mobile-friendly. I’d encourage you to visit this link on your smartphone to see just how well these designs look and notice how their layout formats itself to the size screen it is being viewed on. That’s big time huge for your customers and clients to have that great mobile viewing experience! It certainly leaves them with a good taste in their mouth about you!

Save money with the Genesis Framework2) Money – One of the great barriers many potential website owners have to deal with is that of the expense involved in having a website built. Before discovering this framework, my ‘go to’ option for clients was as I mentioned before, designing something from scratch. And again, what that means is more of a time investment for me and therefore of greater expense to the client – not the best of a news for that small business owner who is bootstrapping their business. Fast forward to today and now we can, with great confidence, offer a much more affordable solution to that type of client that is fully supported mind you. The process I used to go through to get your typical website up and running is now cut drastically and with that can provide clients a first class, professionally looking and affordable website product.

Save yourself some stress with the Genesis Framework3) Stress Relief – Anyone who’s been through the process of having a website designed/developed may in fact tell you that it can be anything but fun and enjoyable. There’s plenty of decisions to be made, content to be written, expenses to be incurred and heck, best case scenario, it’s likely to take a minimum of two months before you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When a business immediately chooses a StudioPress child theme they’ve already made several important decisions – to save time and to save money and ultimately that tends to lighten their load big time and saves them a lot of potential stress and anxiety. Personally, I think it affords the business owner even more time in which to concentrate their efforts on developing the right kind of content for their site that will communicate simply and yet effectively with its audience.

Experience world class support when you purchase the Genesis Framework4) Support – Granted, like any WordPress framework out there, the Genesis Framework is not free. But let me be the first to say that when you purchase it you not only gain access to some truly well-designed themes where user/site visitor conversion is a priority, you also gain the collective mindshare of some of the best and brightest minds when it comes to all things related to web design and development. I can’t even begin to communicate the level of assistance/support you stand to gain when you become a part of the Genesis community. Stellar to say the least! In addition to all that you stand to receive a lifetime of updates to the framework itself as well as to new and updated themes.

With a child theme by StudioPress one can very quickly take it for a test drive and see for themselves how their potential website might operate. They get a firsthand experience of what’s underneath the hood as well as that ‘frame & body‘ and ‘paint‘ job.

Because of its search engine optimized code structure, turn-key designs and top notch community of support, the Genesis Framework by StudioPress is the solution that over 86,000 individuals have chosen to help institute successful, online marketing initiatives.

Now, over to you: Are you currently thinking about building a website for a new venture of yours or know someone who is? If so, I’d be more than happy to chat – no strings attached!

You may use this form here or pick up the phone and call me next week at 706.851.9140 or by way of email at ben at emergentinteractive.com. However, you choose I’d be honored!


FYI – I took some needed time this week to update the ‘Portfolio‘ section of my site. Check it out and let me know what you think. Of course, there are several examples of sites I’ve built using Genesis including the following as well as some miscellaneous graphic design work:

  • Allison & Ledford
  • University of Mississippi Law Journal
  • High Mountain Healthcare
  • Clear Sky Writing
  • Calderwood Custom Home
  • JD Almond
  • Twisted Pear Systems

and a few others…


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