Basketball and Business Basics

So, I’ve officially entered into my second year of being out on my own. I’ve spoken previously about an initial foray into entrepreneurship which got the better of me and my intent this time around to do things much differently.

In the early stages of 2012 I’ve been very blessed with lots of work with some very good clients. Things have tapered off a bit and for that I am glad to come up for air once again. With the demands on my time business-wise decreasing just a tad its afforded me some expanded lunch hours in which I try and take my 7 yr. old out for some physical education which usually translates into playing basketball.

Practicing the fundamentals encompass about 5-10 minutes of our time and then its own to some die hard one on one action. Man versus man! Right now we’ve been practicing some proper shooting fundamentals – getting good legs under him, keeping the elbow tucked, aiming for the front of the rim and last but not least practicing a good follow through.

Its not till we get in the heat of the battle that some of these things tend to fall apart. Probably like a lot of other boys his age the blood pumps 5x as fast as an adult and excitement and passion for beating his old man abound. Often in our games I have to remind him when shots go flying left and right not hitting the goal at all to simply slow down and focus on what we’ve been learning in those albeit brief practice times. It then becomes an endless cycle of this – coming back to the basics, wandering away from what’s been learned, be reminded, correct and repeat.

In this particular season of my business this is what I am attempting to do – slow down and focus. Remember what I and this business are about. What’s our aim. Shuck any and all distractions and do some serious self-evaluation in preparation for the next stretch run. Execute, execute and execute those timeless principles I learned from way back when.

So I’ll ask you? Are you taking time to assess where you are in whatever season you’re in? Are you making the necessary corrections and improving upon strengths? I sure hope you are and if not I would strongly encourage you to do so.

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All the best to you friend in your journey!

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