Build Relationships and Watch What Happens

If you’re a business owner I feel relatively confident if we sat down and chatted you could pretty easily rattle off at least a few ‘watershed’ moments of your own – experiences, good and bad, where a lesson(s) was learned or re-learned or some kind of ‘AHA!’ moment. For me and the one that is […]

Find Website Data Treasure with Google Analytics

I guess it was probably at least 1-2 years ago my youngest son and I were introduced to the world of geocaching. If you’re now scratching your head and wondering what I’m talking about let me give you a good definition by way of Geocaching is a free, real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try […]

The Importance of YOU Owning Your Domain

So as a business owner, entrepreneur or the like who is seriously considering carving out some space on the web, you may have come to the realization that there are a lot of decisions to be made & information to be understood about how to make your digital footprint come to fruition. In this day […]

How To Make Your Business More Awesome

Just recently I ran across a pretty entertaining cartoon here which I think sums up how many companies, unfortunately, approach social media. You probably have such companies hammering your email inbox or Facebook news feed with messaging that is entirely about them, how great their product/service is, etc., etc. I’ve told several that it seems […]

Your Community Is On The Back Row

If you’ve been involved with the social web for any length of time you’ve probably experienced a time or two where you felt like no matter how hard you try to engage with your community you can’t seem to elicit any kind of conversation with anyone? Has that been you? Yep, that’s been my experience […]