Basketball and Business Basics

So, I’ve officially entered into my second year of being out on my own. I’ve spoken previously about an initial foray into entrepreneurship which got the better of me and my intent this time around to do things much differently. In the early stages of 2012 I’ve been very blessed with lots of work with […]

In Case You Weren’t Aware

Alright, so I’ve been itching to get this off my chest. The straw that broke the camels back came in the last couple of weeks as I attempted to visit at least two sites of pretty reputable companies in their respective industries. No, they are not Fortune 500 companies who could probably care less but […]

Do The Right Thing

OK, so we all know that in this hyper-connected tech world we live in just how fast word travels. Lately, there has been shift where breaking world news no longer is resigned to a major network anchor getting on air and giving us the latest. Now, the most recent happenings is shared with the rest […]

Who Owns Your Business

‘Do you own your business or does it own you?’ I’m not entirely sure where, why or how that question was at the fore of my mind as I awoke a few mornings ago. There’s no doubt it’s something I think a decent bit about as I embark on year number two in the adventures […]

The First Rule of SEO: Put Your Visitors First

Search engine optimization(SEO) presents challenges to businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter how great your website is if no one can find it. But if you create your site just for the search engine “spiders” (the programs that “crawl” web pages to index them for search engines), you could end up with an unreadable […]