The One Tool You Need to Build A Robust Marketing Strategy On

Build Your Content Marketing Strategy on the Foundation of WordPressIn my last post we briefly discussed how content marketing is one of the most effective approaches a business can take today in terms of building attraction and attention online. With the way the world very aptly turns to the web to research buying decisions and for you the business owner knowing what criteria Google looks for in terms of assigning rank to websites, developing high quality, educational content that answers your users questions about your product or service on your website is paramount.

It’s huge and I can’t overstate it enough!

Remember what 3 things are very likely to occur for you if you consistently go about this the right way?

  1. Like-ability
  2. Findability
  3. Visibility

In this day and age the focal point for all of your marketing efforts should begin and end with your website.

With that said, you’re going to need a technologically advanced tool that you can for the most part operate on your own, and will enable you in many respects to become an online marketing powerhouse for your business.

WordPress – The Small Business & Entrepreneur’s Marketing Tool of Choice

WordPress, is in fact, the one tool that is helping literally millions of businesses around the world become much effective marketers.

If you’re not in the know, WordPress is the most popular website publishing platform in the world. Businesses like these are all utilizing it to power their websites. Be sure and click that link you just saw – you will be impressed.

Below is an infographic that will help give you some idea as to the reach and stature that it has attained.

To put it into laymen’s terms, WordPress would be akin to the engine of a car. It’s the stuff under the hood and in relationship to websites like the aforementioned it’s what’s doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

It is what is characterized as a CMS or content management system which according to Wikipedia is defined a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. [source of definition]

The WordPress-powered website owner, all behind a single web address/URL, username and password, has at their disposal a multitude of opportunities in which to make needed changes and/or enhancements. What this means for you is that you have complete control over your prime piece of online marketing real estate, your website. Any time and any place (beach included) where you have a computer and an internet connection you can very easily perform those tasks on your website that will assist you in generating more leads and potential sales.

I am of the opinion like so many others in saying that WordPress is far and away THE preferred platform to run a website on, hands down.

Note: When small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits come to us in order to have a website built, we do it with WordPress.

Never This Easy to Add More Website Functionality

Here are just few other things/ways, minus any real website coding/programming knowledge, you can do with a WordPress website:

  • allow people to sign up for your newsletter
  • advertise social media affiliations
  • run affiliate marketing campaigns
  • display other forms of digital media (audio, video)
  • develop a blog
  • create image galleries
  • sell your products/services
  • run a membership site
  • building sales landing pages
  • run a mobile-friendly version of your website

A word of caution here: If you’re not at all comfortable with doing whatever it is you’d like to do with your website, then by all means contact a web developer who has experience in working with WordPress for training and consultation.

Literally, A World of Support Behind WordPress

Lastly, one other beauty of running a WordPress website is that behind it stands a litany of talented and competent WordPress-centric developers who are working in some form or fashion to make it even more of a reliable and user-friendly platform than it already is.

If you run into a problem and are in need of a solution a support forum is in place.

Should you have a need to incorporate some new piece of functionality there is a repository where sits a wide variety of free plugins that are able to be downloaded.

It’s been widely documented that the coding practices and structure used to build WordPress offers optimum performance in relation to the following:

  • Website speed load times
  • Website security
  • Search engine friendly code structure

We’d be the first to admit that tools are great and all only if one knows how to use them. Because of the immense popularity of WordPress it is not hard at all to find a plethora of websites that contain helpful tutorials to better aid in your knowledge and understanding of how to use it.

It’s like anything else – familiarity and reputation help breed understanding. The more you familiarize with the basics of how to use WordPress the better off you will be.

Craft Authority, Attention and Trust Today with WordPress

The takeaway for you, the burgeoning, self-employed content marketer? You need not just any tool(s) to get you and keep you moving in the right direction, you need a proven solution that will help drive your website and therein your business to where you want it to go.

The excuse no longer has to exist that you’re waiting on your web guy/gal to make changes for you or to post that latest article for your blog. That and other types of barriers/excuses get eliminated with WordPress. It’s relatively intuitive enough for you to wield some DIY magic on your own!

The results of having this kind of expertise and skill will further avail you of an avenue in which to freely publish and distribute your own content and in helping you build goodwill and authority online amongst your audience.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will be discussing what I use to get a WordPress website up and running in literally minutes not days, weeks or even months and that doesn’t break my clients’ bank. Pretty cool huh!

So, how can I help? Whether you need a brand new website or need your website revamped – contact me.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs come to me in order to get a professional looking, well performing WordPress website that meets the needs of their business.



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