Build Relationships and Watch What Happens

Build relationships and watch what happensIf you’re a business owner I feel relatively confident if we sat down and chatted you could pretty easily rattle off at least a few ‘watershed’ moments of your own – experiences, good and bad, where a lesson(s) was learned or re-learned or some kind of ‘AHA!’ moment. For me and the one that is the subject here today came a few years ago while performing some contract work for a client out west.

And so it goes and without getting into a lot of detail I was responsible for doing some social media community management for a client. In laymen’s terms, I was to serve as a human touch point on the social web for this company – being actively engaged in not only developing relationships but the overall goodwill and reputation of said client – to help put them on the map in the minds of individuals who might be in need of their services. During the length of my time with them it was a fascinating experience to get to dialogue with individuals representing both super small companies/startups and nice sized, established corporations and everywhere in between.

So to that ‘watershed’ moment…

Just like it occurred 5 minutes ago, I can very distinctly recall monitoring this client’s Twitter feed looking for opportunities to interact and help. It just so happened that a very likable and visible individual within this same industry tweeted out something akin to needing some help with a small project. Because the project was something that was right down our alley, I immediately responded letting them know that we’d be glad to take a look and see how we could solve that problem. Keep in mind that this response was not the first time this individual and myself had dialogued. Prior to this, a lot of, albeit brief conversations amounting to no more than 140 characters each way, were exchanged and so much of the groundwork for that relationship had been laid.

In the matter of about an 1-2 hours this individual obliged my request to help, had sent over what needed to be accomplished and in return we solved the problem and made them extremely happy and satisfied and just to make things even sweeter we didn’t charge her a dime for it. Why didn’t we send her an invoice? We figured that because she was such an influencer within this industry and was virtually all over the web that she would very quickly go out and tell of the wonderful experience she had with us. The power of some good word of mouth on the web in this instance scaled rather quickly and some nice dividends came as a result.

What does this story mean for you, the business owner? It should reiterate to you the power of connecting and at times the pay off that ensues from putting in the laboriously slow work of building relationships.

In this day and age with so many of your potential customers/clients turning to the web to help get more educated¬†about purchasing decisions, it behooves you to be there online where these folks are. I can’t recall who said it but it’s true in that showing up is half the battle. Proving you can be trusted and also are skilled and competent at what you do is the other half. And then there are intangibles of demonstrating likeability and authenticity that help seal some deals as it did in the aforementioned case study.

Because I have it on pretty good word that if you get this far in your reading this you must might remember the last thing I say – make sure and calibrate your mindset towards first thinking about how you can give and add value to an individual or greater community of people and then let the chips fall where they may. In addition and equally as important as you build a following – be watchful and attentive. It just might pay off in ways you’d never, ever expect!

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