Google Plus Comments: What We Know So Far

Find out what is known thus far about Google Plus CommentsNo more than a fears years ago, Google’s co-founder and CEO, Larry Page, declared rather resoundingly that Google would in fact be squarely focused on doing social and doing it right.

Well, it seems that with each passing week since it launched in 2011 it has become more and more clear that Google’s aim is to weave their relatively new social platform, Google+, into other existing products such as GMail as well as to develop other new ones on top of it such as Hangouts and Communities.

If you’re not on Google+ here’s your notice – get started if for no other reason than to help build your relevance and authority online. Hint: It just might help serve your SEO objectives….

Personally, I’ve been on Google+ since its inception and even produced a few screencasts early on in order to show how to do some different things on it such as formatting text, using it a bookmarking tool, etc. Sorry, I was going to link to those videos but it appears I’ve deleted them….

Just in this past week team Google rolled out yet another ‘add on’ and what is being billed as Google+ Comments and by all accounts behaves in much the same way that the Facebook Comments platform operates.

For now, Google is only supporting their commenting application with its’ free blogging application, Blogger.

Albeit, because most of the world does not use Blogger and instead utilizes WordPress for self-publishing purposes, the call has been heard for Google to begin making the necessary changes within Comments that will enable WordPress users the ability to effectively & efficiently moderate commenting and and also provide what is needed to put the clamps down on comment SPAM.

Because of the newness of the Comments product there’s not a whole lot to offer in the way of discovery but will offer some links below to recent findings – both pro and con. Be sure and check back from time to time for updates.

We’re big on all things Google+ and WordPress and would love to see, sooner rather than later, a solid working solution for WordPress but for now until some kinks get ironed out we’ll hold off.

Note – we will continue to keep apprised of the latest finds with Google+ Comments and as more is learned this post will be updated.

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[note: we are not endorsing nor encouraging this plugins implementation until more is learned]

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