In Case You Weren’t Aware

Alright, so I’ve been itching to get this off my chest. The straw that broke the camels back came in the last couple of weeks as I attempted to visit at least two sites of pretty reputable companies in their respective industries. No, they are not Fortune 500 companies who could probably care less but certainly ones who could benefit from what I’m about mention.


What does that mean? It means when anyone who attempts to view websites built with Flash via an iPhone, iPad or about any mobile device with an ‘i’ at the front of its name or half-eaten apple stamped across it the chances are nil as in no way and no how will you be able to view that site unless you go and download an app like Skyfire. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Apple’s stock just hit something ridiculous like $600 and has more cash on hand that the US government. They’ve done so by having nearly everything that walks upright buy one of their mobile devices. So what does that mean? What’s all the fuss?

What this means is that much of the world continues to go the way of using Apple mobile devices. Mobile web browsing and usage continues to escalate by leaps and bounds and shows no sign of letting up. What this means is that more and more people want to find your information on your website on their iPhone and iPad and if your answer is to serve up your Flash-enabled website to these people, well, your losing out. It left a not so good taste in my mouth after I got to these sites and all I saw staring back at me was a blank screen. How disappointing! In all honesty I couldn’t believe what I was and wasn’t seeing.

What should you do? If you truly understand the implications you’ll remedy this ASAP. Yes, Flash is pretty slick and shiny in the way it presents content on a desktop but as we have seen desktops continue to be used less and less. Mobile device sales continue to leap frog desktop sales year over year. Do the health and welfare of your business a favor and stay away from Flash! If you’re a Nike, Coke or other pretty recognizable brand it might be OK but for the majority of us who aren’t it would bode well in your favor to not use any form of Flash programming on your website.

If you are the least bit unsure please contact your web designer or developer or simply right click on page of your website and if the box that opens up says anything about Flash, run, don’t walk, to make a change.

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