The 3 Identifiable Results of Content Marketing

And now for a little thought provoking question to try and gain your curiosity and hopefully help you develop a new approach towards ultimately generating new business.

By your best estimates would you say that the effort and attention you invest in your own business’ marketing efforts are:

a) more than adequate
b) adequate
c) mildly adequate
d) too embarrassed to answer

Now just a caveat here…I would not characterize multiple status updates on Facebook each week where you are directly publicizing something you sell as a good faith effort. Sorry to burst any bubbles…

Here’s where I’m going with this.

So I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the adage ‘the cobbler’s kids have no shoes‘. WOW, how many times have I used this to provide some kind of excuse of my own. [hangs head in shame]. How ’bout you? Ever used that one?

The premise behind this is oftentimes we as business owners fail to pay proper attention to our own business while greater focus and energy is placed in serving the needs of our clients and customers.

For the sake of this post and because I’m relatively certain many of you, like me, run small and lean operations, we’ll address the fact that all of us have to wear multiple hats in order to do what we do. For me, you can get a glimpse of some that I wear. As a small business owner or entrepreneur we’re required to become adept at not only providing exemplary products and first rate customer service but we have to be equally mindful to do what it takes, marketing-wise, to help keep the sales funnel continually filled with viable, new leads.

Like so many in this day & age, if you’re seeking to engage and attract a wider audience it’s a fact that you’re going to have to learn how to market yourself online and better understand the most effective ways of doing so. Unless you run ‘Joe’s Small Engine Repair Shop‘ down on the corner, well, this may not apply although I’m sure I could present a pretty compelling rationale for Joe to invest some time online getting to know others in his immediate locale. We’ll save ol’ Joe for another post…

For those that are going all in on attempting to build a findable, visible and like-able presence online I really want you to take heed what I’m about to share.

Regardless of whether you’re experiencing good growth or no growth in your business please, please, please be proactive and intentional about consistently creating fresh and high quality content that visitors to your website will find helpful and educational as it pertains to the goods and/or services you are offering.

My friend, seriously consider investing the needed time and effort towards implementing a solid content marketing strategy.

Websites that go unattended and are static are for the most part useless and anemic.

Let me provide an example:

Let’s take for instance I am a home builder who operates a website. After reading a handful of articles as it relates to content marketing I’ve found more than enough rationale to convince me that what I need to do is to incorporate a blog on my site whereby I can begin to develop a persona online as a trusted resource and authority within my field of expertise; new home construction. Yes, business is rather good for me now but I’m smart enough to know it might not always be this way and so I also know through my research that implementing such a strategy is a prime way to begin to develop and nurture relationships that may potentially materialize into solid leads no matter what the new home construction market is doing.

It’s multiple sets of eyes and ears that now have me on their radar.

And so with that I start on this journey and I make it a goal to consistently write at least one blog post a month and share a link to each blog post through my various social profiles – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., casting an even wider net that hopefully will garner new attention for my business’ website and begin to get people familiar with who I am as a person and the type of business I operate.

For the next handful of months I intend to write a series of posts about how to build an affordable, energy efficient home.

Do you see what the potential net effect is here?


‘Remember, the more pages a visitor reads on your website, the closer they are to making a buying decision with your company, so integrate your blog’s content into every aspect of your sales approach.’ – Marcus Sheridan


Here are three identifiable results of content marketing:

1 – Findability: It’s what any website owner on the planet is most interested in – ranking well in Google. Just a note here – just because you decide to go down this road does not get you a free pass to ranking #1 on page 1 of Google but it certainly increases your chances provided you are utilizing best search engine optimization practices in writing and optimizing your blog posts. Hypothetically, do you know why the aforementioned home builder is seeing his website make steady gains for the popular keyphrase ‘Blairsville, Georgia Home Builder‘? It’s because he is making the time even in the midst of all he has going on to invest in this strategy he set out to employ and now Google, who loves fresh and relevant content, is rewarding him for his efforts. Beforehand, where there was little to no investment being made in his business’ web presence his website listing was buried deep within search results for ‘Blairsville, Georgia Home Builder‘ and for all intents and purposes nowhere on the map. Can you say this gentleman has now just become ‘findable‘ on the world’s most popular search engine? That’s nothing to sneeze at ya know!

2 – Visibility: Not only are website owners interested in their websites being found through popular searches that are relevant to them but they are also heavily vested in becoming much more visible by a wider array of targeted & interested buyers. Greater visibility for your website is potentially obtained as you share links to your blog posts with the communities you are developing via your social profiles such as Facebook and Google+ and possibly others. With that said what we tend to find is when a recommendation is made in these social communities is that it carries considerable weight because there is already some modicum of trust that has already been established through the personal interaction there.  As I’m sure you’re aware just about every social platform has functionality baked in that allows end users to either share, re-share or retweet content. You know exactly where this leads – your website becoming much more visible.

3 – Like-ability: Your reputation as a trusted resource and authority in your particular field of interest will only be enhanced by you consistently creating and offering up resourceful and educational content that is free for consumption. Let’s harken back to our home builder friend. Let’s say a retired couple has already begun to talk about relocating & building a home in the north Georgia mountains. Through a friend of theirs on Facebook they’ve gotten wind of this gentleman’s business blog. They begin to closely follow his ‘How to Build An Affordable, Energy Efficient Home‘ series he’s been writing about and from time to time ask questions or comment on his blog posts. In a very prompt and friendly manner he gladly answers their questions and states to them of his willingness to help them however. Before you know it a relationship has been built and I can only imagine that this couple is finding a great deal to like about this business owner.

Through a content marketing strategy like has been detailed here it enables the website owner/content creator to be known, liked and trusted and as you know those are three prime ingredients needed for a transaction to take place.

And lastly a little empirical analysis to help move you towards incorporating this approach to marketing. The research bears out that those websites that are consistently pushing out helpful and informative content tend to generate more leads and sales than those that don’t.

So the ball’s in your court and knowing what you’ve either learned or re-learned what steps do you intend to take to help lay the groundwork in order to develop new business both now and in the future?

Summary Points:

  • Be proactive and intentional about content creation.
  • Websites that blog generate more leads and sales than those that don’t
  • Google loves fresh content & rewards with greater findability.
  • Social sharing of content increases visibility.
  • Freely offering helpful & educational content on a consistent basis breeds trust and like-ability.
  • Lastly, be proactive and intentional about content creation.

If this article has been of any value to you, would you kindly share with someone you feel like could benefit from reading this information? I’d greatly appreciate it!


The Anatomy of Content Marketing

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