Your Community Is On The Back Row

If you’ve been involved with the social web for any length of time you’ve probably experienced a time or two where you felt like no matter how hard you try to engage with your community you can’t seem to elicit any kind of conversation with anyone?

Has that been you? Yep, that’s been my experience a handful of times over the past few years while managing a few different communities. Some of that has been my fault as it’s been a monologue on my part and have not been real good about asking questions or feedback to what I’ve posted.

This is nothing you don’t already know and is simply a reminder that people are watching and listening. It’s true. They’re that segment of people who kind of hang out on the fringe with their nose pressed against the glass taking it all in. If I could draw an illustration I liken the experience to that of a performer’s experience on stage. With the bright lights glaring down it seems all he/she can make our visually are those folks on the front few rows and then as you begin to work your way to the back of the room it all seems to fade to black. The fact of the matter is that there are some stark raving mad fans occupying those back rows.

Hey, the same might could be said of your community. There’s people who really like who you are and what you are talking about and then from time to time they peek their head out with a ‘like’ or a small comment or maybe even offline through a phone or in person conversation.

For me, its a constant reminder that my communique via my social properties is not going totally unnoticed. By my definition it’s not noise even though there’s no immediate response but when there is that response I will say it does put some wind in my sails and affirms to me plugging along.

I want to encourage you today to keep engaging with your community and by all means to seek to add value to their lives and work and as I have heard say here in the south ‘seek to scratch where they’re itchin’.

Encourage someone today by sharing this post with them if you sense that it may be of some benefit to them.

Hang in there friend!

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